Sunday 29 January 2017

The Destination Series Books

The Destination Series

The Destination Series is a set of novels tracking the adventures of the Rowland twins in different countries across Africa. The first two are set in Zimbabwe at the Chinhoyi Caves. The third, to be published soon is set in Ouadane, Mauritania.


The Sleeping Pool 
Not All Myths Or Their Creators Die!

When Shaun Rowland is faced with a fresh threat to the control of his father's
business empire, he has little choice but to follow Stan, his missing twin brother, to Chinhoyi Caves. Once in Zimbabwe, just like Stan, he finds he cannot resist the lure of The Sleeping Pool.

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The Sleeping Pool II
Not all myths or their creators die!

On his last trip to Zimbabwe's enigmatic Chinhoyi Caves, Stan Rowland swallowed diamonds from The Sleeping Pool. But they are not ordinary stones. The tribe who owns them await his return. They are not ordinary people. Tony of Spymaster wants them. He is not an ordinary thief.

Available in paperback. Kindle Pre-order Special at 99c until 8 February. Please click here for more info.

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