Sunday 26 March 2017

2017 Winter Read

Finally spring is here and my garden is blossoming with flowers; tulip, hibiscus, daisy and geranium flowers. My sunflower seeds are germinating with pleasure and pride while my parsley and onions are embracing the sun like never before and it is only the beginning of spring.

Lets have a look at what I read during the winter (the first trimster of the year 2017). Please click on book to read review.



At the moment, I am currently reading:

A family saga!

2017 Man Booker Longlist announced, please click here. What have you read so far this year?  What are you currently reading? What do you look forward to reading? Let me use this opportunity to let you know that Mary Okeke Reviews will be 5 in May! Time flies right, it seems like yesterday when it all started.



  1. Hey Mary! Happy Spring for you. I am in the Southern Hemisphere (Johannesburg, South Africa to be exact) so unfortunately for me, we are going towards the cold months and I absolutely hate winter. Enjoy that warm weather.

    So far I have read:

    1. A Woman in her Prime by Asare Konadu.
    2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling.
    3. The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta.
    4. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

    I really enjoyed Emecheta and Hosseini. I had picked up two other books shortlisted for the NLNG Prize (by Elnathan Jonathan and Abubakar Ibrahim) and only managed to get half way through both of them before realising that they were not my cup of tea so I put them back onto the shelf without finishing them.

    Right now reading "How to read the air" by Dinaw Mengestu for my bookclub at the end of the month.

    1. Hello, I'm glad to hear from you at the Southern Hemisphere.

      I just added A woman in her Prime by Asare Konadu in my TBR. Did you enjoy it? Emecheta and Hosseini are one of my favourite writers, I enjoy reading them. The Kite Runner is one of my all time favourite, I even purchased the movie, of course, I did not enjoy it as much as the novel. I love the Bride price.

      I have not read anything yet from Elnathan, apart from his blog which I follow. I have read Abubakar's short story "The Whispering Trees" I thought it was entertaining, I'd like to read his collection of short stories with same title.

      The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestu was my first read of the year 2017, a novel that I highly enjoyed. Following that I purchased How to read the air" by same writer which I have not started reading yet.

      I'd like to read your review of How to read the air, let me know where I can I find.

      Thanks for stopping, I hope you get to stay warm with tea and books!

      xoxox from Barcelona.

  2. Hello Mary, I was checking out reviews of a book I wanted to buy on Amazon when my google search lead me hear. I am glad I found this blog and I will take time during the Christmas holiday season to peruse it properly. In regards to your question on what books readers read this year, I did a twitter post of some sort days back, kindly check it out when you can;

    Well done and happy 5th anniversary!!


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