Sunday 26 May 2013

Hidden Currents, 2013, Somi Ekhasomhi ****

Ada seems to like Eddie Bakare, the man who financially helped Sophie (her boss and friend) to set up Living Lagos Magazine, where she works as a photographer. Eddie is strikingly handsome and made of money; the type most women would fall for, I guess. Even so, Ada considered him to be the ladies' man, a heart-breaker and quite superficial. Moreover, the source of his wealth was from the country's public fund his grand father embezzled when he was a politician. For all these reasons, she hates herself for seeming to like him, considering the fact she came from a working-class background. Ada is real, unique, Afro-chic with an ethnic sense of dressing and nothing like a typical Lagosian girl.

Her father who so much despise her job as a photographer, abandoned his family to marry a rich socialite who paved his way to success. Her mother passed away. Therefore, Ada believes that Eddie  belongs to the high class society that constantly use ordinary people (like her) for their own selfish ends. Now, it is left to Eddie to prove and convince her that he is totally different from what she thinks of him. Did he succeed? Or did Ada push him too far?

Somi did a better job with this novel, the story was brought to a more developed level. Some social issues were expounded on, not people just daydreaming  about love. A more realistic story-line. I'll have to acknowledge that the story was an engaging, enjoyable and easy read. I am not the romantic type; however, I saw myself  hunger looking forward to what would happen next. Hence, I rated it four stars. I highly recommend to all lovers of romance chick-lit.

This is Part two of Lagos Romance. Please click here to read my review of part 1. However, you needn't read them in a sequel in order to understand and follow the story.

Thank you Somi for sending me a copy of your lovely novel.


  1. I do love the story line, Mary.

  2. Typical Nigerian culture and definition of love story.....people with ill gotten wealth are the only ones in Nigeria who have love stories while the rest of the society that they milk and leave impoverished have no real love stories...right? If Eddie does not return all the wealth stolen and transferred to him from the grandfather and Ada does not settle with a guy who is self made from hard work and normal(not necessarily rich) then the book won't make sense to me lol


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