Monday 28 May 2012

So Long A Letter, 1979, Mariama Bâ ****

I read this book March 2012, I really liked it. The original book was written in French language. In case you prefer to read it in its original version, I found out late.

As it is written on the book, this is an African Literature classic (just like Things Fall Apart), I think if you love African Literature you should start form both of the books I just mentioned. This is a book that would and could be read even 100 years after its first publishing.

I have to confess that I found it difficult to be hooked with this book in the beginning, but at last I did. It is just a 100 pages novel but it was thick to go through but it really worth all the effort.

I learnt a lot about life, love, relationship. How these change from one generation to another. e.g A woman refers to marriage as - An act of faith and of love, the total surrender of oneself to the person one has chosen and who has chosen you-
Woman's Daughter -Marriage is no chain. It is a mutual agreement over a life's program. SO if one of the partners is no longer satisfied with the union, why should he remain? It may be him, it may be me; Why not? The Wife can take the initiative to break-

This is one of African Classics, as I earlier said, story took place during post-colonialism in Senegal. It is your starting point to African Literature. I admire everything about this book.

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