Wednesday 23 May 2012

Come Again, 2000, by Josie Lloyd & Emilyn Rees ***

I will try as much as possible not to be a spoiler.This book was a Birthday gift given to me when I turned 17, I read it in 2004. Some years later on, I picked it up from my shelf and I decided to read it again, I understood it more. I liked it. It is a book about friendship, changes, ambition, written in a very easy way and fun. It is what happens to all of us. I had a feeling of nostalgia when I finished the book. Any body can read this book but I think it is mostly for teenagers and young adults.
The Authors of this book are now married. Josie Lloyd is now known as Jo Rees, She wrote Platinum, 2008, by Jo Rees **** which I have read, it was also a gift from a friend.


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