Thursday 24 May 2012

The Bluest Eye, 1970, by Toni Morrison ****

I have really forgotten when I read this book and how it fell into my hands. Yes... it was from a book fair. I decided to read it. My reviews in 2009 were registered and below it goes. I really liked it, not my favourite though.

"a very sad book... tragedy upon tragedy and mixed with tragedy.. just so bitter.. referring to the story.. but to be sincere the languages and the way this lady wrote this book.. just made me so tired reading it.. you can find it slow sometimes.."

As I reviewed years back, the story narrated is just so sad and bitter. The way the story was told , from my point of view is too slow. There was a point I wanted to drop the book I could remember. This is not a book I highly recommend but if it happens to fall into your hands just give it a try. Toni Morrison was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 1993.
The Novel narrates the story of a young black girl named Pecola who felt inferior due to her skin complex and the colour of her eyes. She suffered from racism, child molestation and incest. The story took place in Ohio, USA.


  1. I agree with your 2009 review. I even tried to read this book a second time and couldn't get through it. Will you read God Help the Child?

  2. Ufff I don't know to be sincere. Though, I have matured a lot in my reading, I seem to understand effortlessly now. However, Morisson's writing could be a bit too much for me. I might give it a try.. not my priority now...

  3. It's heavy stuff, her writing. I was planning to read this one, not right away, but then my book club selected it for May. So I'm being nudged. I'm going to go ahead and try to finish The Bluest Eye, again. I still have my place book marked. People have made comparisons between the two books - which doesn't excited me.


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