Thursday 24 May 2012

My Sister's Keeper, 2004, by Jodi Picoult ***

I read this book long time ago, I decided to read it after reading a review from somewhere or someone, and I ordered it. I liked it. As I always register my reviews below it goes.

"A nice story to be true, but the way it was written made me so confuse, the book was written from different points of view.. I have always read books written from one point of view (the mother telling a story, the baby or who ever... not everybody telling the story.. ) so sometimes it could be confusing.. the story is nice.. but as I earlier said I did not like the way it was written."

The author has a good heart touching story to tell, but, this is not a book I enjoyed, most of the time I read the book I was immerse in confusion. This is not a book I would recommend.

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