Thursday 24 May 2012

Kite Runner, 2003, by Khaled Hosseini *****

I read this book in 2008, I really can't remember how I lay my hands on it, I actually did buy a copy. Most probably I read a review somewhere, I am so satisfied with this book. It is my favourite. Below is my review when I just read it.

"I enjoyed every bit of this novel.. lot of drama so if you like Drama .. here you go.. I bought the movie as well... but it was nothing compared to the book.. please it is a must read book!!!"

Drama upon Drama. The main story took place in Afghanistan, it tells about the life of 2 little boys of different tribe growing up in an Afghanistan of the Taliban (before and during the Taliban, mostly during), how their lives were affected. It also tells about the Afghanistan culture and their way of living before and during the reign of the Taliban.
The story touched my heart, it drew me a step closer to the Afghanistan people. Khaled did an admiring job here. I highly recommend this book.

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