Sunday 23 July 2017

You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town, 1987, Zoë Wicomb

I bought this book a long time ago. I could not read it, I find the writing style difficult, though poetic and a bit confusing. I did not struggle, I left it on my shelf and picked another one. Nevertheless, after reading Dance with a Poor Man's Daughter by Pamela Jooste  a novel that narrates on the ordeal of being "coloured" in apartheid South Africa, which, I enjoyed and highly recommend. Although, I felt there is some aspect of their story missing in the narrative as it is
told through the voice of a child. Therefore, I picked again "You Can't get Lost in Cape Town" as it sheds some light on the issue. However, I still find it difficult to read, half of the time I do not completely understand what I am reading, I read up to 68 percent and at long last decide to quit. All the same, I still look forward to reading about the lives of those who were forced to leave their home because of the colour of their skin.

Have you read this book? What do you think?

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