Monday 17 July 2017

Cassava Republic Press

As part of my Publishing House Project I am going to talk about Cassava Republic Press. It is true that most of the books I read are published abroad and none or few are published in the African continent. That is why it is a breath of fresh air when I came across Cassava Republic Press, a publishing house based in Nigeria.

The first book published by them that I read is

The second is

Some people do not know that Teju Cole's first published work is Every Day is for The Thief by Cassava Republic Press in 2007 not Open City by Random House in 2011. 

I look forward to reading more works exclusively published by this Nigeria based publishing house.

Have you read any book by Cassava Republic Press?

Books I have read published by Cassava Republic Press will be found here


  1. Hey Mary!

    I am only just realised that I have read quite a few books from Cassava Republic Press.

    From "Nights of the Creaking Bed" all the way to "Born on a Tuesday". Some I enjoyed immensely like "Imagine This" which was punchy, entertaining while tugging at the heartstrings and others not so much like "Season of a Crimson Blossoms" which I found a bit boring and slow to start.

    Either way I continue to admire and support any initiative that gives African writers a worthy platform to tell their stories in a manner that is authentic, true and undiluted and with no western influence or agenda. The more African publishing houses the better.

    1. Hello,I have read Imagine This, it was first a self published through Smashwords, it won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize: Best First Book, Africa 2008 as a self published novel. It is reviewed on my blog and I really enjoyed it.

      I'd love to read books not only by African writers but also published in the continent. I agree with you, I wish and hope that there are more African publishing houses.

  2. Mary, look for The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives, by Lola Shoneyin and published by Cassava Republic I believe. You will love it.

    They also published some children's books by Lola. I can't recall the titles but I remember I bought two for my kids when they were growing up.

    I also attended a workshop on writing here in Ghana with their editor, Bibi Bakare.

    1. Hi Celestine, I have read "The Secret Lives of baba Segi's Wives however I think it was first published by William Morrow, I am not sure. It was quite interesting. I have not read anything else by Lola.

      I'd like to read more by Cassava Republic Press.


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