Monday 27 July 2015

New Book Release on August 13th 2015

Leila Aboulela has written another book, expected to be published on the 13th of August 2015 by Weidenfeld & Nicolson. 

From Goodreads

"Natasha is researching the life of Imam Shamil, a nineteenth-century warrior who battled to defend the Caucasus against Russian invasion. She uncovers a story of bravery and loss, and of captives traded between wild mountain hideouts and the refined court of the Tsar. The tale of Shamil and his lost son comes shockingly to life when Natasha realises that her star student, Oz, is descended from the warrior. Quickly, she becomes drawn to him, and to the alluring world of his family. But Natasha soon realises she is not the only one with
an interest in Oz, and in what he might be hiding. As suspicion around him intensifies, Natasha realises everything she values stands in jeopardy".

I have read two of Leila's novel, two of which I really enjoyed.
  1. Minaret
  2. Lyrics Alley
Leila Aboulela is Sudanese, an A-list writer. Orange Prize nominee more than once, IMPAC Dublin Award nominee, Caine Prize winner, Scottish Book Award winner, Commonwealth Writer's Prize nominee, I hope she also delivers on her new novel "The Kindness of Enemies".

Do you look forward to reading her latest novel?


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