Sunday 11 August 2013

Voice Write Afrika speak to Mary Okeke about books, Igbo culture and life in Barcelona

Diane from Voice Write Africa interviews popular book review blogger Mary Okeke, who is a Nigerian living in Barcelona, Spain. She speaks to us about Spain, her passion for books and will even teach us a few words in Igbo which is her native language... Please click here to read more.


  1. Very interesting interview with Diane from Voice Write Africa.

  2. This is good. Spread the message.

  3. It was a wonderful interview. It's good to learn more about people. You were trained as a nurse? That is so awesome! Nurses are some of my favorite people (not just because I'm one, but that may heavily influence it)

    1. Awww thanks. Yeah I read somewhere you are a Nurse Professor. You give classes in Uni right? Not everyone can be a Nurse. It comes within.... you know the feeling of always wanting to help one another.


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