Sunday 27 May 2012

On Black Sisters' Street, 2009, by Chika Unigwe ***

I read this book February 2012, I liked it. It was an easy read, although at the beginning it was a bit confusing because I didn't know which story belongs to who. There were 4 of the girls.

A friend lent me this book to read, she bought it at the airport on her way to...??? After she read it, she said I would love it and she decided to give it to me to read.
Probably my expectation was so high when I read it, but this is not one of my favourite book at all. The writer telling a very important story in a very fast, shallow and no structural way (maybe she was in a haste to publish).

This novel tells the story of 4 Nigerian (Nigerians allegedly) girls found themselves prostituting in Belgium to be able to pay off their debts. The story narrates their back grounds how they took the decision that killed one of them.

After reading the story of one girl you'll think it is the worst you've read but when you read the story of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th you will be more that amazed and be confused with who to feel sympathy for ( it is fiction).
Chika Unigwe did a good job, I think if she took her time she could have developed her characters a bit more, which was necessary.
Yes, I recommend.


  1. Jun 05, 2011
    Babydoll rated it
    On Black Sisters Street is an eloquently written novel, that provides a vivid account of the global sex trade industry. Author Chika Unigwe depicts the numerous elements of the trade, by profiling four young African women, who each come from different backgrounds and circumstances, that bring them together in Antwerp Belgium to serve as night women. A tragic loss will transform the women as fellow work and housemates to a permanent bond of sisterhood, which delivers encouragement and strength to one another. As a result of the heartrending event, each woman is left to ponder their present identity, and begins to reveal to one another their unfortunate hidden pasts. It is through these powerful confessions, that the women are slowly liberated from the chains of their past and present contingencies. Unigwe pungently captures each woman’s personal journey to joining the sex business, by focusing outside the realm of the standard analysis. Each woman’s story does not consistently reverberate the notion of being captured and physically forced to prostitute her body. However, the reader is reminded of the human capacity for pain and love, and the irrevocable innate desire for freedom and survival. At what cost will a woman gain financial growth and/or liberty? Can the repercussions of her decisions strip her soul of integrity and honor? These questions and more are acknowledged in this poignant novel. Also included, are moments of comical satire that expose the reader to the witty capacity of Chika Unigwe. Intriguing, raw and inspiring, this debut novel illuminates Chika Unigwe’s talent within the contemporary African literature genre. I highly recommend this book to others.

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