Monday 28 May 2012

The Joys of Motherhood, 1979, by Buchi Emecheta *****

I read this book in March 2012, I loved it and it is my favourite. I read a review somewhere and I decided to order it. It is Emecheta's first book I read. I have never really heard about her before.
This book swept  me off my feet that I decided to investigate about the author

I love the way Emecheta writes, she is a very clear story teller, it is impossible for you to be confuse when you read her books, her books (the ones I have read) are divided into chapters with titles. She has this talent of putting words together and clearing the situation for you in a simple way. It is a book any adult can read.

 This is a must read book, after reading it, my body was filled up with goose pimples. I thought twice about tradition, especially the ones in most of African ethnic groups e.g  the Igbo land, where you have to live your life according to others expectations.

I learnt a lot, most especially it reinforces what I already believe in: You give birth to children, but your children do not belong to you, they do not owe you for bringing them up, they are free human beings that when they grow, they take decisions that best suit their living and not that of their parents.

This is a book I highly recommend, especially to all women.

This novel has been reviewed in Spanish in Literafrica by Sonia Fernandez, please click here to read.


  1. You've captured beautifully, the essence of the novel. Thanks for sharing, Mary.

  2. I read this book in 2006 and I tell you, straightaway I knew that someday I want to write like this woman. As at that time I didn't know what or how to go about it but I have always had it in mind since then. She is a great author, probably the best Female African Author have seen so far. Am aspiring to be like her and have taken a bold step by writing my own book, I write peoms, short stories and even some articles but writing a story has always been a challenge. My book is still in process but the little have shown to people, they wanted to read more. If you are interested in helping me take a closer look at this book, please do not hesitate to contact me on this mail, I will be sure to show you the first chapter, then see what you think. Thank you for having a great interest in African heritage, some people might not know but writing makes the word a better place.


  4. Okay, now I'm more curious. I'll have to dig it out of whichever book pile it's buried in.

    1. Yes, Shannon. you should read it. I hope you would like it.


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