Sunday 16 April 2017

Thorns and Roses, 2017, Amaka Azie ****

Thorns and Roses is the story of Ifeoma, struggling to balance her love life with her independence. She and her sisters are brought up in an abusive house hold. They flee, determined to start afresh in Lagos. In a situation where emotional damage has been done, will they succeed? Or will they just fail as their father has always predicted?

There is nothing as refreshing  as to read a good book about Nigerians who live in Nigeria with no intention of emigrating. Almost every book I have read so far this year is about the African immigrant and the African diaspora, do not get me wrong, as I believe that their stories too
should be narrated, in fact all stories should be told. Sometimes, nevertheless, it feels like there is nothing happening in the lives of people living in the continent unless they move abroad.

Thorns and Roses is pleasantly different. An entertaining fast-moving chick lit, a page turner that tackles  issues like love, marriage, sex, abuse, loss, infidelity, independence and forgiveness.

I would also like to add that I was sceptical about reading this book when Amaka Azie asked me to, however, when I discovered it was published by Accomplish Press, I knew it would be good, it definitely is. I am thankful she sent a copy. Accomplish Press was founded by Tolulope Popoola, she is author of Nothing Comes Close.

It goes without saying that I recommend.

Look forward to reading Amaka Azie talk about her book.

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  1. Mary, how are you? It's been a while. You've certainly whet my appetite for this book. The ingredients are up ;my alley.

    1. Afua, how do you do? It's been a while. The book is really entertaining, I must say.

  2. This book must definitely be a good read. Very nice review!


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