Sunday 17 April 2016

Winter Read 2016

Winter this year has come to an end! It was not really cold in Barcelona this year, anyway. I believe it's the global warming effect. What did I read the first 3 months of the year? It somewhat determines how many book I'll end up reading at the end of the year.

2 collections of short stories
The Prophet of Zongo Street by Mohammed Naseehu Ali
Nights of the Creaking Bed by Toni Kan

A novel that I highly enjoyed

A novel I couldn't finish

A novel by one of my favourites writers

A novel about the use of children as soldiers
Allah is not Obliged by Ahmadou Kourouma

With this rhythm,
I think will be reading a total of 2 books per month. But... wait let me tell you I am reading a lot more. Remember that I am getting a second university degree in Psychology, so I am asked to read a whole lot about..., to name a few:
  • Social Psychology
  • Nature and Organisation of Attitudes
  • Social Interaction
  • Identity (the self)
  • On line Psychotherapy
  • ....

What about you? I hope that you are still reading, reading more than I do for that matter? :-)

Happy Read


  1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to read some Teju Cole!

    I usually find I do more reading at home when I don't have reading to do for school/work.

    1. Some Teju Cole, makes it sound like therapy... :-) I love his writings.. .. by the way, he's only published 2 books.

  2. I'm super impressed that you get any reading-for-pleasure done at all while you are pursuing your degree!

    1. Debbie, reading for me is a life style, I cannot do without... just the way my husband wouldn't do without his evening running and marathons .. To read is to live.. I try to squeeze out time.. I know it could be difficult at times. I also read the most during my trip to work and back home. I make the most of public transportation! ;-)

      I am glad you are back :-)


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