Sunday 20 October 2013

Summer Reading Progress

My summer was fab! I had loads of fun, had time to spend with myself , with people I really love, and time to travel places, also most importantly time to read books.

I read in Santiago de Compostela

Read in front of the Cathedral
of  Santiago de Compostela

I read in Menorca

Read Tropical Fish by Doreen Baigana in
Cala Macarelleta

Read Minaret by Leila Aboulela on the
seaside close to Favaritx lighthouse

I read in Tossa de Mar 

Read Born In the Big Rains in Tossa de Mar
(Costa Brava)

I read in Lleida (Canelles reservoir)

Books Read in Summer 2013






So far this year, I have read 36 novels. I am more than glad, it seems that I will make it up to forty by the end of the year. Actually, That was the goal I silently set myself in the beginning but I was somewhat sceptical about making it public. Anyway, now it feels good to see that it could be possible.

What about you? How many books have you read so far this year? Do you have any ongoing reading challenge?
Finally, Thank you for supporting me.

Please, click on the following link to read my Winter Read Progress and Spring Read Progress


  1. You've done well, Mary. My reading is nil these days.

  2. Those pics are gorgeous. You did go to some really great places. Enjoy your fall readings as much as you did your summer ones.

    1. I look forward to purchasing more book! Hopefull I will have a fun read during this fal!! Thanks!

  3. nice pictures, i really miss those days that i would sit for hour and read great book

    1. Uchenna, yeah I know what you mean. Hopefully soon you would be able to make more time for reading. Thanks for stopping in.

    2. I have a project that on working and it seems I may need your advice on this book “Palm wine drunkard” let me know the best medium to communicate. My mail address:

  4. Great reading Mary. I'm so jealous. I've managed to read 16 books so far this year. My initial challenge was to read 30, but I've revised that to 20. Hopefully I can meet that target.
    Seems like you had a great summer, and those are lovely photos. Well done!

    1. Hello Tolulope,
      No worries, what really matters is that you are reading. 16 is quite a lot. And I am so sure you can meet your target of 20 books.
      Thanks for the compliments.


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