Sunday 12 May 2013

Sunshine Award April 2013

Firstly, I would like to thank Debbie, owner of ExUrbanis for giving me the Sunshine Award. I am very grateful and pleased. Please, visit her inspiring and entertaining blog at to learn more about her.
When I started blogging I was not sure how to react to awards. I recall ignoring some at the beginning. But now it's been almost a year in the blog industry and I have learnt to be appreciative, enthusiastic and keep the ball rolling.
So, here come the questions that go with the award.
  • Who is your favourite philosopher?
Chinua Achebe, in the case he wouldn't be considered a philosopher then Confucius.
  • What is your favourite number?
If I will have to choose, perhaps 6. My birthday (smiling face). Also present in the year I was born.
  • What is your favourite animal?
I love all animals and I pray one day they would all be able to live happily ever after in their natural habitat.
  • What are your Face book and Twitter URLs?
  • What is your favourite time of day?
Time spent with people I love and reading of course.
  • What was your favourite vacation?
Madeira Island: Portugal. I love the mountain scape, the lush pastures and villages clustering around green hills and valleys. Its climate is perfect too.
  • What is your favourite physical activity?
Fitness condition classes: Aerobic exercise and toning up.
  • What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink?
Herbal tea.
  • What is your favourite flower?
Sunflower. Though, I love all flowers by and large. It also depends on the occasion.
  • What is your passion?
Mary Okeke Reviews. My books, my passion.

Ten more winners.
...Some blogs might have already won the award. Here goes my list.
  1. Reading Pleasure
  2. Image Nations
  3. Geosi Reads
  4. Amy Reads
  5. Kinna Reads
  6. Biblioglobal
  7. Me, you, and books
  8. On Writing and Life
  9. Wise Counsel
  10. Elnathan John - The Dark Corner
I have left so many beautiful and educational blogs out. It doesn't mean anything, I still love and visit them as much as I visit the ones mentioned above.


  1. Thanks Mary for this. I don't think I would have been able to answer any of these.

  2. Congratulations, Mary. More are on the way for you (smile) This award thing can be quite tiresome, I know, but it is all given in good spirit and and it is fun. I'm grateful that you thought of me, my friend

    1. Lol @ this award thing can be quite tiresome.
      Thanks my dearest Afua.

  3. Congratulations Mary. I just liked your FB page. Portugal sounds wonderful. How was the language barrier?

    1. Nana... thanks a bunch. I am very fluent in Spanish, so Portuguese was not a problem. Both languages are very similar.

  4. Thanks so much for participating. :-)

    Your vacation sounds paradisiacal! And I'm glad to discover some more great blogs.

    1. Debbie thanks to you for including me. Yes, Madeira is such a wonderful and peaceful island. I recommend. Though, it is not a book. And those blogs... they are awesome.
      Thanks again.

  5. Thanks, dearest Mary. Maybe, I should get you your favourite flower, Sunflower some day. I loved all your responses.

  6. @Mary congratulations for your award......more grease to your elbow ...proud of you

  7. You are so kind to include me. Thank you. I have been struggling in good faith to answer the questions but I keep drawing blanks. I don't usually think in terms of "favorites" on those topics. But I am still trying.

    1. Md.. no worries.. you are free to alter the questions to your taste. It would still be valid.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Congratulations Mary. My first time here. loving it.

    1. Lara Daniels, amazing. I am so glad you stopped by and that you like it here. Please stop often. Feel free here. You are welcome any time.


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