Sunday 7 April 2013

2013 Winter Read Progress

.....As usual, I tried to make the most of my journey to work by reading in the subway or in the bus. Although the winter was mostly wet and windy, it was no deterrent to read. In fact, sometimes I just curl up with a good novel during the weekends. Of course, with the light aloft and a hot cup of tea on the table beside me. Quite warm and snug.

Ten novels kept me through the winter, they all consist of a thousand seven hundred and ten pages and were all released between 1952 and 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed their companionship. Five of these novels were written by male authors while four were written by their female counterparts. One was an anthology, in which male and female writers alike took part in elaborating. As a result, I visited four countries, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia and Kenya. In short, if I should classify my reads: two non-fictions, a historical fiction, African Writers Series, an anthology, Commonwealth Writers Prize Africa short list, folklore and fictions.  Not bad right?

If I continue with this rhythm, hopefully, I will get to read around forty novels by the end of the year. Well, I think it also depends on their pages. In any case, I am looking forward to reading non-stop.

Left and above is a picture of me, four thousand meters high at L'aiguille du midi, Montblanc. Well wrapped up Reading Heroes by Festus Iyayi.

Below are novels I read during the winter.




Late writers in my winter read. All Nigerians. May their soul rest in peace.
  • Chinua Achebe (Born 16 November 1930 - Died 21 March 2013)
  • Flora Nwapa (Born 13 January 1931 –  Died 16 October 1993) 
  • Amos Tutuola (Born 20 June 1920 - Died 8 June 1997)

I do not have any reading challenges, because I do not want to go berserk in the process of trying to reach my goals. I just read along the way, since I do it for passion and pleasure.

What about you? How many novels and/or books have you read so far this year? Do you have any reading challenges? Have you read any of these novels? In general, what are your thoughts?

Lastly, please, feel free to in box me your Spring Reading Picture, which I will post here with details at the end of the season. Or, if you have Winter Reading Pictures, I am still on time to post them. Below are more of my winter reading pictures.



  1. I haven't read any of this list. But I want to read several of them!

    Those look like tough conditions for reading up on Montblanc! Warm and snug with a mug of tea sounds much better to me.

    1. Hey Bi,
      I know what it feels like when you see book covers like that, you just want to read them. You get enticed.

      hahaha.. yeah it was only cold, I was wrapped up anyway. In any case, I totally agree with you "Warm and snug with a mug of tea".


  2. Hi Mary, you look stunning in that picture; you could make the words fall from the page. I've read only The Diaries of a Dead African by Chuma Nwokolo, as you know. Should have read The Concunbine by Elechi Amadi a long time ago since it was given to us at school. But like most students, we pushed that aside and did our own reading.

    This year, I think I've read 16 books (on my 17th) and yet I'm behind on my reading challenge. Yes, I keep a challenge though, like I said, I won't push myself through it and sacrifice the quality of reading for quantity (besides, the books I'm reading are sometimes voluminous like War and Peace at over 1300 pages). My aim of keeping a challenge, however, is to make sure I read consistently and not allow any event to derail it. Without the challenge, I sometimes sway and misuse my time... but the challenge (which began last year) kept me focused.

    Wish I had a picture of me reading... but the places I read... lol. I like your commitment to African novels, not many people are able to do that. It's great; keep it up.

    1. LOL @ you could make the words fall from the page. I can't imagine my novel going blank and at the same time the words falling on the snow. Thanks for the compliments. Though, I blushed a bit.

      You are still on time to read The Concubine, it's got a tragic ending.

      Nana, you shouldn't complain, wow 16 books are quite a lot, we are only in April. I really admire your effort. Knowing that most of the novels you read are quite voluminous. I am sure you will end up accomplishing your goal.

      regarding the pictures, you still have time to take some, I will need them for June, so you have the whole second trimester of the year to take one or two of your self reading.

      Once again, Thank you for the compliments. I truly appreciate. I will always continue try my best.

  3. You no dey look bad at all, sister. Impressive list you have up there. I've read The Concubine a long time ago which I enjoyed very much. This year, I've read about four books only which I am yet to review. The Kite runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, (Khaleed Husseini) The Bride Price (Emecheta) Actually the first two are carry overs from last year.

    The first quarter of this year has not been easy on me traveling up and down for pop's long winded funeral arrangements which will finally end at the end of this month. Thank God!

    1. I thought popsy funeral ceremony was already celebrated. I know how it is like, reading would be the most frivolous thing to do at the moment.
      My heart goes with you and with all your family.

      I am looking forward to reading your reviews. I have read and reviewed all of those novels you mentioned.

      By the way, thank you for the compliment.

  4. Impressive. I hope you don't mind that I would like to use one of your pictures to illustrate my blog,, in the near future. I will give you full attribution unless you object.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Yes do, I want the full atribution and credits and then linked back to my blog. Please, also let me know which picture in particular you would like to use.


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