Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tears Of The Lonely, 2011, by Ayo Oyeku ***

At last I have finished reading this novel, this is one of those novels I am so honoured and grateful to read most especially because the writer asked me to. I liked it, it is an easy read. Even though it is categorised as a 3 stars book on my blog, it is a 5 stars adolescent novel.
This novel tells the story of a boy named Okiki from a home with a very conflictive father, Okiki is determined to go to school, despite the difficulties he had. He hoped to become somebody one day and be able to help his family, especially his mother. This book in a way told the story of how he tried to fulfil his dreams with the people and things that helped and encouraged him.
One of the advice he received I would like to point out are the followings:
"If you spend your life trying to be like someone, you might end up living in that person's shadow"
"Time is the essential ingredient you need to perfect your dreams, while opportunity is the spell that will turn your dreams into reality someday"
This is a novel mostly addressed to adolescents as I earlier mentioned, it is a story about perseverance. Ayo Oyeku, this fast rising Nigerian writer has very good writing qualities, I hope to read more of his works. I recommend mostly to all teenagers.


  1. Sounds like a good read for young adults. But I dare say that adults can also glimpse some benefits reading it. Would not mind gettiing a copy for my boy, though. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love those quotes...thanks for this.

  3. Celestine. I am sure most adults can benefit from reading it. It is a book that sends a message; No matter how hard life might be, focus on your dreams, work hard on it and it will surely come true. Yeah if you have a teenage boy, it will surely do him some good.

  4. Hi Mary!

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  5. Brian,
    I am more than glad you responded to the invitation, and so glad you love it here. Thanks for following.

  6. Replies
    1. I am not sure, please visit the writers's website for more info. Kind regards!


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