Saturday 26 May 2012

To Kill A Mocking Bird, 1960, by Harper Lee ****

Harper Lee won the 1960 Pulitzer Prize for this book. I read this book the spring of 2009 and I really liked it. It was interesting although it was difficult for me getting through part one of the book because I found it slow. Part 2 was better, it really worth continue reading. It is a classic of the modern American Literature. I think it is now read around schools in most part of the world.

This novel is about racial equality and injustice in the south of the USA. A white lawyer defending an African-American unfairly accused of rape by a young white woman.

I learnt a lot from it. This book has got a lot to teach the world.


  1. It really is. I should re-read it, it's been too long. I don't even own my own copy.

    russel of Best Alaska Trips

    1. Hi Russel, thanks for stopping by. It worth a re-read. Yes, I think we should all own a copy of "To Kill a Mocking Bird".

      Feel free to visit often and leave your comments.


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