Monday 28 May 2012

Second-Class Citizen, 1974, Buchi Emecheta *****

I read this book in April 2012 and I officially proclaimed myself a fan of Buchi Emecheta. This is her second book I have read so far, hopefully I will get to read more.
As I reviewed earlier in Joys of Motherhood (my favourite), I love the way she writes, very understandable, simple and structured English.
I read some where that this novel is mostly Emecheta's autobiography, although she later on wrote another book and officially proclaimed it her authobiography (the name isn't on my mind now).

This is a heart touching story full of struggles of a woman who believes in a better future for herself and especially for her kids. She has dreams but would it be possible with the beatings of her jobless self-centred husband? Who constantly tells her she is a second class citizen, and she is made to be pregnant and produce kids just as her "Igbo" culture demands.
This book is full of struggles after struggles of an abused wife, emigrated from a recent independent Nigeria to the UK, she bore 5 children before the age of 20. She has to work to pay her husband's studies who constantly failed exams after exams and refuse to work

I highly recommend this book apart from being entertaining, you'll learn a lot.


  1. Mary, I know of this title but never knew that the story is about spousal abuse among other things. Buchie is a great writer whose work I have come to admire and love, having read Joys of Motherhood and and The New Tribe. I will certainly look for a copy of this and read. Thanks for sharing, dear Mary.

    1. Hey dear. yes you should read this, it is a bit tough but, I am sure you will enjoy it. I recommend.

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    4. Brit, I am glad you enjoyed the novel. There was a point I took the story very personal. Buchi Emecheta is a great writer in deed, you should read more of her books.


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